You gave me back the smile I once lost.
Happy Easter #firstEaster #godson #mylove

Happy Easter #firstEaster #godson #mylove

My two boyfriends

My life

I AM BLESSED…. That is all.

i can breathe

when its time to let that person go who you still truely care about its hard but it has to be done. we can BOTH finally Breathe and carry on with our lives. yes we can both say that we truely loved each other but at the same time we didnt know how to love each other the right way. i will ALWAYS carry you in my heart and keep our memories close, our picturesand memories are safetly put away and one day opened again. we have amazing lives ahead of us and i cant wait to see where our futures take us. this is not a goodbye but merely a see you later, one day in the future our paths will cross again and we will be able to laugh and talk about where our lives have taken us. one day when i have kids of my own i am going to sit them down and tell them about you and how you have changed me for the better. we ma have to walk away from each other but my heart will hold you close, i may nt physically be here but i am always here for you when you need someone. so as we walk away from today we both can sigh a sigh of relief knowing that we both will be happy.

                                                         xoxo an old friend


There is only a few more days until its finally december, my favorite month of all… I absolutely love christmas but this year its going to be different… My boyfriend is in the marines and currently stationed over seas which SUCKS but i am so PROUD of him for what he is doing except i mmiss him more than anything and christmas is going to be very different this year because he can’t come home, which is the worst feeling ever…. I LOVE christmas movies and overall everything about christmas and its so different not having him home to snuggle with and not being able to watch 25 days of christmas together….. We plan to skype all day christmas day…. Its not going to be the same but i definitely wouldnt trade our relationship for the world….. he is the best thing to ever walk into my life in awhile…..

that moment when it hits you that you are unsure of everything that you’ve been wanting…. not knowing whether or not you made the right choice…. when you see that person everyday and all you want to do is kiss them to just spend one last day with them to see if there is anything left… but you know that if you do that there is a chance that it might be exactly what you want…..


if someday we all go to prison for downloading music i hope they have the mercy to split us by genre